September 2021 – News Round Up


06 Aug: Covid map: Coronavirus cases, deaths, vaccinations by country

11 Aug: WHO’s Solidarity clinical trial enters a new phase with three new candidate drugs

12 Aug Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccines with saline solution

15 Aug: ‘This was a race and we lost’: How US doctors really feel about Covid surge

20 Aug: UK, U.S. impose sanctions on Russian intelligence agents over Navalny poisoning

20 Aug: Poison algae on gold trail may have killed family

21 Aug: Covid: What’s the best way to top up our immunity?

24 Aug: Toxic fumes at luxury hotel spa leave 24 in hospital

25 Aug: Biden Report Inconclusive on Whether Covid Spread From Lab

27 Aug: Rejecting Covid Inquiry, China Peddles Conspiracy Theories Blaming the U.S.

27 Aug: Delta variant poses twice the risk of hospitalisation – study

29 Aug: North Korea May Have Restarted Nuclear Reactor, UN Watchdog Says

02 Sep: India’s DNA COVID vaccine is a world first – more are coming

03 Sep: Ivermectin: FDA warns against using drug for Covid treatment

07 Zep: Mystery fever in India identified as 2 separate pathogens as death toll tops 100

09 Sep: North Korea: Hazmat suits, fireworks and a slimmer Kim Jong Un feature in military parade

16 Sep: Infographic: North Korea, South Korea missile programmes compared

17 Sep: COVID vaccine immunity is waning — how much does that matter?

21 Sep: The third man: UK charges another Russian for nerve attack on double agent

24 Sep: WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard

25 Sep: Nuclear weapons: Explained in numbers



02 Aug: Innovative wound care – customized wound dressings made from tropoelastin

09 Aug: Long-lasting immune abnormalities detected in recovered COVID-19 patients

09 Aug: Bio-inspired, blood-repelling tissue glue could seal wounds quickly

16 Aug: With redesigned ‘brains,’ W88 nuclear warhead reaches milestone

20 Aug: Bacteria lays foundation for building materials that repair themselves

24 Aug:  Vaccine responses in patients with impaired immune systems

25 Aug: Detecting an unprecedented range of potentially harmful airborne compounds

25 Aug: COVID-19 NEWS: For Many, Long COVID Looks a Lot Like Chronic Fatigue

26 Aug: Malaria trial shows ‘striking’ 70% reduction in severe illness in children

01 Sep: Double vaccination halves risk of Long COVID

02 Sep: Perovskite crystals given new job as nuclear radiation detectors

07 Sep: Study examines severe breakthrough cases of COVID-19

10 Sep: Tulane researchers develop inhaled vaccine against bacterial pneumonia

16 Sep: Ground-breaking bacteria-killing viruses unite with antibiotics to fight devastating antibiotic-resistant bacteria