October News Round Up



Opposing nuclear weapons in the era of millennials – News from Al Jazeera Diplomats and activists are reviving efforts to scrap nuclear weapons, but the odds against them may be getting longer.


Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise ‘involving 40 million people’ The Russian government has launched a nationwide civil defence training exercise to ensure the country is properly prepared in the event of a nuclear, chemical and biological attack from the West. 


Iraqi Kurdistan: Everything is all right – everyone is ISIL – Al Jazeera English Beneath the calm in the Kurdish region is a deep well of suspicion as the looming battle for Iraq’s Mosul fast approaches.


Sudan accused of chemical weapons attacks in Darfur – News from Al Jazeera Sudanese officials deny Amnesty report alleging suspected use of chemical weapons by Sudan’s government forces.


Syria talks: The urgent question – Al Jazeera English As US falters Russia becomes both judge and executioner in Syria.


UN rights chief denounces Aleppo raids as ‘war crimes’ – News from Al Jazeera UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein says the situation in Syria’s Aleppo should be referred to the ICC.


Public Health England responds to threat of Zika virus after mosquito egg destruction in Shepway
Read more at http://www.kentlive.news/public-health-england-respond-to-threat-of-zika-virus/story-29822321-detail/story.html#Vb4dvpsAVKgCKel8.99
Public Health England has confirmed there have been no reports of zika virus being carried by an Asian Tiger Mosquito. Homes in Stanford were sprayed on Monday as a precaution after eggs of the mosquito, native to south east Asia, were found at Stop 24.



New sensor chip will give you quick analysis of your drinking water The new AquaDx chip will work with the hand-held MyDx portable analyzer to test for the presence of toxic chemicals or elements in water in about six minutes.


Groundbreaking AquaDx chip analyzes the safety of drinking water in real time | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building A water-testing sensor for the MyDx chemical analyzer tests drinking water in real time.


Portable kit could put vaccines in the frontline – just add water Vaccines and treatments are constantly improving, but getting them to remote locations remains a challenge. Now a team at Wyss Institute has developed a portable system that can produce key biomolecules for treatment on demand, with no need for power or refrigeration – just add water.


The Americas declared the first region to eliminate the measles Like smallpox, polio and rubella before it, measles has been eliminated from the Americas. The announcement was made this week, crediting mass vaccination over the last few decades. Officials warned that measles can still be brought in from overseas, so vaccination efforts need to be maintained.


Surprisingly simple common cold vaccine may defend against many strains Scientists have been unable to develop a vaccine against the common cold, largely because there are over 100 strains of rhinoviruses, the most common cause of the infection. Now, a team at Emory University has stimulated the immune system by mixing multiple types into one vaccine.


“Kick and kill” HIV cure showing promise The HIV virus has completely vanished from the bloodstream of a 44-year-old man participating in a medical trial. Although more time is needed to confirm whether the result is from the new approach or from anti-HIV drugs that the patient was taking, the implications of the research are encouraging.


Nano-kebab fabric blasts chemical warfare agents Scientists have developed a fabric that not only blocks chemical warfare agents, but actively breaks them down, something they say is a step up on currently available technologies.


Changing the flavor of humans might thwart mosquitoes It’s not them, it’s you: Could the cure for malaria lie in changing the way human beings smell and taste to mosquitoes?


If you want to make bacteria glow, give it a virus It’s very important to know if harmful E. coli O157:H7 bacteria is present in foods or liquids. Scientists are now making the detection process quicker and easier, by bioengineering a virus that causes the bacteria to glow when infected.


Ozone pen zaps water potable wherever you wander The Roving Blue O-Pen supports world travellers and nomads by keeping drinking water clean and fresh. In contrast to more common purification means, like UV rays, this pen-sized purification device kills microorganisms with the stuff that blocks those UV rays in the atmosphere: ozone.


Immune system discovery likened to finding a new continent Researchers have made a breakthrough in identifying the way cells send up flags to the body’s immune system – a discovery that could have a significant impact on how we develop vaccines or treat autoimmune diseases.


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