May 2022 – News Round Up

Ukraine News:

01 May: Ex-NATO commander: Loss of top Russian officers amid invasion unprecedented in modern history

04 May: Donbas: Why Russia is trying to encircle Ukraine’s east

05 May: U.S. intel helped Ukraine sink Russian flagship Moskva, officials say

06 May: Chatham House: War on Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelenskyy

06 May: Fears of False Flag Operation Grow as Russia Claims Ukraine Poised for Chemical Weapons Attack

09 May: Putin speaks at Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square

10 May: Russia Trains Missiles on Ukraine’s Quiet Zone to Target Trade

13 May: Snake Island Battle Intensifies as Ukraine Seeks to Reclaim Black Sea Base

15 May: Ukraine conflict: Russian chemical attack claim fact-checked

15 May: NATO’s Stoltenberg says Russia’s Ukraine offensive not going to plan

17 May: Possible end game for Mariupol siege, Ukrainians claim advances in east

17 May: Retired Russian colonel stuns his colleagues by pointing out that the invasion isn’t going well

19 May: Russia suffers series of military, economic, diplomatic defeats

21 May: Ukraine says giant Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can’t supply Russia

22 May: Russia’s laser weapon in Ukraine: Does it exist?

23 May: A Russian diplomat resigns: ‘Never have I been so ashamed of my country.’

25 May: ‘Kissinger still lives in the 20th century’: Ukraine hits back at suggestion it should cede land to Russia

26 May: Russian parliament scraps age limit for army recruits

27 May: What weapons are being given to Ukraine by the UK?

29 May: Russia won’t use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, says ambassador to UK

29 May: War in Ukraine: The making of a new Russian propaganda machine

30 May: Russia Denies Putin Is Suffering From Serious Illness

31 May: Biden Decoded: Ukraine Will Get HIMARS Rocket Systems, But Not Long-Range Missiles


04 May: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Ahead of Yoon’s Inauguration

05 May: 14.9 million excess deaths associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021

05 May: New York COVID Cases Cross 10,000 for First Time Since January

09 May: From handshakes to hostilities: How dangerous is the situation in North Korea?

14 May: COVID-19: Kim Jong Un warns of ‘great turmoil’ for North Korea as country announces 21 ‘fever-related’ deaths

16 May: North Korea COVID admission reveals ‘serious health situation’

16 May: China’s Shanghai aims to end COVID lockdown by June 1

17 May: North Korea on brink of Covid-19 catastrophe, say experts

17 May: In wave after deadly wave, COVID has claimed 1 million lives in the U.S.

17 May: Expert reaction to UK cases of monkeypox

19 May: Monkeypox: Plans in place to stock up on treatments if infections rise

20 May: North Korea shuns outside help as COVID catastrophe looms

20 May: Increase in hepatitis (liver inflammation) cases in children under investigation

20 May: Seven treated for breathing problems at Birmingham Sainsbury’s

21 May: Israel, Switzerland report first monkeypox cases as virus spreads

22 May: Skelmersdale explosion: One man arrested as police search for second man

25 May: North Korea fires missiles hours after Biden leaves Asia

27 May: U.K. Monkeypox Cases Rise To 90

27 May: Monkeypox patients advised to avoid contact with pets for three weeks

30 May: Monkeypox wasn’t created in a lab – and other claims debunked


03 May: Cognitive impairment from severe COVID-19 equivalent to 20 years of ageing, study finds

03 May: Seashell-inspired Sandia shield protects materials in hostile environments

10 May: Fourth Covid jab gives bigger boost than third dose

11 May: UTSW genetic study confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness

13 May: Antibiotic overuse associated with inflammatory bowel disease in older adults

16 May: Record-shattering Tonga volcanic eruption sent atmospheric waves zipping around the Earth

16 May: First at-home test for flu, COVID and RSV authorized by the FDA

17 May: Scent dogs detect coronavirus reliably from skin swabs

18 May: Study in Mice Suggests that COVID-19 Increases Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Disease

19 May: New treatment breaks down toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in hours

25 May: Northrop Grumman’s B-21 completes load testing before first flight

26 May: A synthetic antibiotic may help turn the tide against drug-resistant bacteria

30 May: Harmful bacteria survive on wet wipes washed up on beaches, study finds