March 2022 – News Round Up

Ukraine News:

01 Mar: Who has given what to help Ukraine?

01 Mar: Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment

01 Mar: What are thermobaric weapons and how do they work?

03 Mar: Ukraine: How might the war end? Five scenarios

06 Mar: What the war in Ukraine taught us, Palestinians

07 Mar: Far from Putin’s Russia, Tajikistan’s people feel sanctions pain

07 Mar: What is a no-fly zone, and why has NATO so far rejected calls for one over Ukraine?

07 Mar: Russia is trying to recruit Syrians to fight in Ukraine, U.S. says

08 Mar: Ukraine invasion: False claims the war is a hoax go viral

08 Mar: Russia-Ukraine war: Destruction in Kharkiv after bombardment

10 Mar:  Russia Sees Gold in Ukraine’s Nuclear Plants

10 Mar: What keeps China from stopping Russia’s war

11 Mar: Nuclear dangers of Russia’s war against Ukraine

11 Mar: Video analysis reveals Russian attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant veered near disaster

11 Mar: Satellite images show Russian army convoy near Kyiv has dispersed

11 Mar: Ukraine war: What chemical and biological weapons could Russia have – and what has it used before?

11 Mar: Will Russia use chemical weapons in Ukraine? Why the UK and Nato fear Putin could launch a chemical attack

11 Mar: Western arms convoys to Ukraine are ‘legitimate targets,’ Russia warns

11 Mar: Drone from Ukraine war zone crashes in Croatia

12 Mar: Putin’s inner circle – inside the lives of the wealthy oligarchs being targeted by UK

13 Mar: Ukraine says power has been restored to Chernobyl power station

13 Mar: Russia accused of phosphorus bomb attacks in Ukraine as Nato chief says chemical weapons would be war crime

16 Mar: Deepfake footage purports to show Ukrainian president capitulating

17 Mar: Will Putin Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

17 Mar: What the Reported Deaths of 4 Russian Generals Mean About the Fighting in Ukraine

17 Mar: Ukraine conflict: What is NATO and how has it responded to Russia’s invasion?

17 Mar:  What weapons have other countries supplied to Ukraine?

18 Mar: How Russia’s mistakes and Ukrainian resistance altered Putin’s war

18 Mar: Anonymous has unleashed a successful cyber war to undermine Putin’s Ukraine invasion

19 Mar: The war in Ukraine will determine how China sees the world

20 Mar: Russia says it used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine again

20 Mar: Ukraine war: Western agents seek to get inside Putin’s head

20 Mar: Ukraine war: Dozens of soldiers feared dead after attack on Mykolaiv barracks ‘while troops slept’

21 Mar: Ukraine conflict: Russian shelling blamed for corrosive gas leak

21 Mar: The Roots of the Ukraine War: How the Crisis Developed

22 Mar: The OSINT Bunker panel discuss developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

22 Mar: How access to satellite images shifts the view of war

23 Mar: Threat looms of Russian attack on undersea cables to shut down West’s internet

23 Mar: Putin: the psychology behind his destructive leadership – and how best to tackle it according to science

24 Mar: Biden warns Russia Nato will respond if Kremlin uses chemical weapons

24 Mar: Ukraine war: Russian landing ship ‘destroyed’ as Red Cross chief warns of ‘complex frontline’ and people trapped

25 Mar: Satellite Images Confirm Russian Navy Landing Ship Was Sunk at Berdyansk

25 Mar: US officials say Russia behind hack of Ukrainian satellite communications at invasion start

26 Mar: Survivor of Mariupol theatre bombing says crush of panicked crowd ‘killed more people than the strike itself’

29 Mar: Roman Abramovich suffered ‘suspected poisoning’ at talks

30 Mar: Britain’s GCHQ spy chief says Russian soldiers refused to carry out orders in Ukraine

30 Mar: Less than 20% of Russian troops around Kyiv are ‘repositioning’: Pentagon on Day 35

31 Mar: Ukraine: GCHQ chief warns China over ‘alignment’ with Russia

31 Mar: Russia-Ukraine war: West says Putin ‘being misled’ by advisers


10 Mar: North Korea testing new intercontinental missile system, U.S. intel agencies believe

10 Mar: Study estimates real global COVID death toll is approaching 20 million

10 Mar: Zoe Covid study: Government decision to stop funding surveillance app is ‘bad mistake’ says epidemiologist

11 Mar: Covid infections rising again across UK – ONS

11 Mar: Public inquiry will start next week into death of Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess

11 Mar: Number of coronavirus patients in Scottish hospitals hits 13-month high

11 Mar: London now significantly better prepared for a terrorist attack

14 Mar: As virus cases surge, can China’s zero-Covid strategy hold?

15 Mar: Health Agency Under Cuomo ‘Misled the Public’ on Nursing Home Deaths

15 Mar: Severe COVID-19 linked to increased risk of long-term anxiety and depression

17 Mar: Too early yet for second COVID-19 booster: EU watchdog

18 Mar: Covid-19: Is the UK heading for another omicron wave?

19 Mar: UK’s safe level for tap water too high – scientists

20 Mar: Millions in China’s northeast placed under COVID-19 lockdown

20 Mar: NHS to begin spring booster vaccinations this week

20 Mar: Pandemic not over once testing ends – Barnsley health boss

20 Mar: Why Iran Launched Missile Attack On Erbil

22 Mar: ONS – No evidence Covid vaccines lead to young deaths

25 Mar: Woman in UK diagnosed with Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever

25 Mar: UK Covid infections climb by a million in a week

25 Mar: Novichok inquiry to be held in Salisbury as chair promises ‘authoritative’ probe of Russian involvement

25 Mar: North Korea confirms ICBM test; warns of ‘long’ US confrontation

25 Mar: Is North America’s Arctic vulnerable to Russia?

26 Mar: China gains a foothold in Australia’s backyard

28 Mar: Boris Nemtsov: Murdered Putin rival ‘tailed’ by agent linked to FSB hit squad

29 Mar: Estate owners say Gruinard fire ‘good’ for island once contaminated by anthrax

29 Mar: CDC Recommends Additional Boosters for Certain Individuals

31 Mar: Russians leave Chernobyl site as fighting rages elsewhere


28 Feb: Largest bacterium ever discovered is longer than a housefly

28 Feb: New lightweight super material could battle bullets, deflect space debris.

28 Feb: New way viruses trigger autoimmunity discovered

01 Mar: Does nerve damage contribute to long COVID symptoms?

03 Mar: Another life-saving Covid drug identified

08 Mar: Brain changes after COVID revealed by imaging

10 Mar: Tokamak Energy moves closer to commercial fusion: 100M degree plasma a world record for a spherical tokamak

15 Mar: The immune system is very complicated, but now, it’s on a chip

17 Mar: Long COVID study indicates “something concerning is happening”

20 Mar: Waste-derived coating could protect pipes and absorb pollutants

20 Mar: Two years of COVID-19: What’s next for the pandemic?

21 Mar: Glasgow scientists develop simple test for malaria in mosquitoes

21 Mar: Scientists use vaccination to successfully treat COVID-19 for first time

23 Mar: High schoolers develop an inexpensive filter to remove lead from tap water

28 Mar: Promising nose spray could prevent and treat COVID-19

29 Mar: Smart bandage only releases medication when infections put the heat on

29 Mar: Teledyne LVSS anti-drone system tracks up to 500 targets at once