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March 2021 News Round Up

28 Feb: Iran nuclear deal: Tehran rules out informal talks on reviving accord


01 Mar: World Could Face More Chemical Attacks, Defence Secretary Warns

01 Mar: CDC director ‘really worried’ about states rolling back Covid safety measures as U.S. cases appear to plateau

01 Mar: Novichok attack: Skripal house to be brought back as home

02 Mar: AstraZeneca advances mass global rollout of COVID-19 vaccine through COVAX

03 Mar: Fake COVID vaccine distribution network dismantled after INTERPOL alert

04 Mar: Covid: Brazil’s daily deaths reach all-time high

04 Mar: New Covid Variant Identified In The UK

05 Mar: Iran’s Zarif to offer ‘constructive’ plan for nuclear talks

07 Mar: Huge blasts in Equatorial Guinea’s Bata kill many, wound hundreds

09 Mar: Fukushima 10 years on: What happened that day, and in the aftermath

09 Mar: French nuclear tests contaminated 110,000 in Pacific, says study

10 Mar: Bata blast: Satellite images show Equatorial Guinea destruction


01 Mar: COVID-19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction

03 Mar: Innovative cancer treatment found to be a promising approach to the control of fungal infections

04 Mar: Drone delivered COVID-19 vaccines take to the air

08 Mar: Bacterial Film Separates Water from Oil

09 Mar: The invention that made mass vaccinations possible


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