Ltd Company Status

CBRN Europe is pleased to announce significant progress in its business portfolio, status, impact and development in the CBRN sphere; both in the UK and across the world. That from the 28th June 2016, CBRN Europe is now known at CBRN Europe Ltd.

As a limited company, we meet the UK Government requirements and registrations with Companies House. This has enabled us to provide you, our client a trusted and reputable CBRN specialist. In training, planning and operation organisation based in the United Kingdom.

Ken Russell and Marc Crowhurst CBRN Europe Founders stated in their announcement that; “it is with great  pleasure that I announce that as of the 28th June 2016 CBRN Europe became a limited company.   Marc and Ken are both very excited about this step CBRN Europe has taken, it consolidates our commitment in CBRN activities.”

CBRN Europes Companies House Registered Number is: 10255048