June 2022 – News Round Up

Ukraine News:

01 Jun: Biden agrees to provide Ukraine with longer range missiles

02 Jun: Russian forces accused of using ‘chemical weapons’ after strike on Severodonetsk factory

02 Jun: In Chernobyl’s delicate nuclear labs, Russians looted safety systems

03 Jun: IAEA: Ukraine Puts Grossi in the Firing Line Over Davos Statements

06 Jun: What are the M270 rocket systems the UK is sending to Ukraine?

06 Jun: Putin warns over Western long-range weapons

06 Jun: Russian General Roman Kutuzov Killed In Luhansk, Ukraine Says

07 Jun: Russia returns bodies of 210 Ukrainian fighters to Kyiv

07 Jun: Ukraine sounds alarm about possible cholera outbreak in Russian-occupied Mariupol

08 Jun; Irpin: Russia’s reign of terror in a quiet neighbourhood near Kyiv

09 Jun: Britons and Moroccan sentenced to death after capture in Ukraine by Russian separatist rebels

10 Jun: Kyiv asks for more weapons as up to 200 Ukrainian troops die each day

13 Jun: Ukraine: Russia used cluster bombs and unguided rockets in ‘horrific’ assault on Kharkiv

14 Jun: Inside the Donbas chemical plant where hundreds of families shelter in toxic surroundings

22 Jun: Half Russian separatist force dead or wounded – UK

25 Jun: Putin promises Belarus nuclear-capable missiles to counter ‘aggressive’ West

26 Jun: UK, U.S., Japan and Canada to ban Russia gold imports

26 Jun: G7 leaders pledge $600 billion for developing countries, urge unity on Ukraine

27 Jun: Russian missiles hit residential buildings in Ukraine’s Kyiv

30 Jun: Russia uses old Soviet-era missiles to strike Ukraine

30 Jun: Snake Island: Why Russia couldn’t hold on to strategic Black Sea outcrop


02 Jun: Amid criticism, North Korea takes over as U.N. disarmament president

04 Jun: Covid: Why do some vaccines protect you for longer than others?

04 Jun: Russian man accused of Alexander Litvinenko killing dies of Covid-19

04 Jun: Police evacuate Trafalgar Square over ‘suspicious vehicle’

04 Jun: Monkeypox: Cases outside Africa rise to 780 in three weeks

06 Jun: S Korea, US fire eight missiles in response to N Korea tests

08 Jun: U.S. warns North Korea preparing nuclear test, considering use of tactical nuclear weapon

08 Jun; UK ramps up response to monkeypox as it designates it ‘notifiable disease’

09 Jun; Waterpark evacuated after people suffer ‘eye and throat irritation’ and ‘nausea’

10 Jun: Early signs that Covid may be rising in parts of the UK

10 Jun: Covid cases soar 20 per cent after Platinum Jubilee celebrations and will stay high all summer

10 Jun: ‘Smash to smithereens’: China threatens all-out war over Taiwan

13 Jun: ‘Ferocious’ Covid outbreak in Beijing traced to raucous bar

15 Jun: NAO – Defra Weybridge animal disease lab fighting bird flu needs rebuild

16 Jun: ISIL leader detained in Syria: US-led coalition

19 Jun: Three taken to hospital after ‘chemical leak’ in Cardiff Bay

23 Jun: Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme: The battle for compensation

27 Jun: 10km restriction zone lifted as swine vesicular disease ruled out on Norfolk farm

27 Jun: Jordan: Aqaba port chlorine gas explosion kills at least 13 and injures 250

30 Jun: NATO declares China a security challenge for the first time


01 Jun: Tiny light-powered drills could be our secret weapon against superbugs

01 Jun: Water treatment plants would be ready for the removal of nano-plastics

03 Jun: The new weapon against malaria’s drug resistance

04 Jun: Keel laid for US Navy’s next-generation nuclear missile submarine

08 Jun: New drug delivery system releases therapeutic cargo only when bacteria are present

09 Jun: First quadcopter drone that can be launched from a submarine underwater

13 Jun: Israel Ministry of Defense to test drone-packing advanced robotic tank

13 Jun: KONGSBERG and Milrem Robotics perform first live firing from the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle

13 Jun: Rheinmetall main battle tank concept combines lethality and mobility

14 Jun: A biological super glue from mistletoe berries?

22 Jun: New biobatteries use bacterial interactions to generate power for weeks

23 Jun: What Omicron’s BA.4 and BA.5 variants mean for the pandemic