July 2021 – News Round Up


09 Jun: The Brazilian doctor offering bogus Covid remedies for social media likes

10 Jun: Public Health Wales confirms two cases of rare monkeypox virus have been identified in Wales

15 Jun: Chemtool plant in Illinois continues to burn after explosion

15 Jun: The U.S. surpasses 600,000 deaths due to COVID-19

15 Jun: Whether Covid came from a leak or not, it’s time to talk about lab safety

15 Jun: Mapping BSL4s around the world

16 Jun: China Denies Radiation Leak at Reactor but Admits Fuel Rod Damage

18 Jun: Are Asia’s Covid ‘winners’ entering shaky new territory?

21 Jun: How the Delta variant took over the UK

22 Jun: Nuclear test ‘cloud sampler’ living with PTSD decades on

23 Jun: DeepMind wants to use its AI to cure neglected diseases

24 Jun: Sydney faces ‘scariest period’ in pandemic amid Delta outbreak

24 Jun: Genome study reveals East Asian coronavirus epidemic 20,000 years ago

24 Jun: Sturton by Stow: Man charged with possessing explosives

28 Jun: Mix-and-match approach boosts immune response of AstraZeneca shot, study finds

28 Jun: Niall Lehd: Larne man sentenced over explosives find

29 Jun: Plague case 5000 years ago in Latvia: No evidence of an epidemic at the time



03 Jun: Simple catalyst could clean contaminated water on Earth and soil on Mars

07 Jun: Trained Viruses Prove More Effective at Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

10 Jun: ‘Miraculous’ mosquito hack cuts dengue by 77%

14 Jun: Teledyne FLIR Wins Pentagon Contract to Develop First Individual Chemical Detector for Warfighters

15 Jun: Mass-produced floating nuclear reactors use super-safe molten salt fuel

17 Jun: ‘Mosquito smoothie’ innovation boosts future malaria vaccine potential

21 Jun: Stanford researchers find signs of inflammation in brains of people who died of COVID-19

21 Jun: New mechanism controls superbugs by sparing the death sentence

24 Jun: Over 40,000 previously unknown viruses found in the human gut microbiome

24 Jun: New technology can diagnose infections in minutes, while patients wait in doctors’ offices