January 2022 – News Round Up


28 Dec: Mass Distribution of “The World’s COVID-19 Vaccine” to be Deployed to India with Other Underserved Countries to Follow

04 Jan: New York teacher arrested after being accused of injecting minor with Covid vaccine

05 Jan: ‘One million birds culled’ in fight against bird flu virus in Lincolnshire

05 Jan: Confirmatory PCR tests to be temporarily suspended for positive lateral flow test results

05 Jan: Macron’s vow to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated sparks outrage

06 Jan: UK survey suggests 1.3 million have long Covid

06 Jan: Bird flu: ‘Very rare’ case detected in person in southwest England

06 Jan: North Korea detected firing suspected ballistic missile into sea

07 Jan: Omicron is ‘killing people’ and should not be called ‘mild’, WHO warns

07 Jan: Bullet forces Italian Covid expert to get a guard

07 Jan: EDF’s Scottish nuclear power plant Hunterston B to close after 46 years

07 Jan: Indian police hunt Covid-positive air passengers who escaped on way to quarantine

07 Jan: Hundreds tested positive after flying from Italy to India, but the problem may be the tests

11 Jan: North Korea’s Kim calls for more ‘military muscle’ after watching hypersonic missile test

11 Jan: Over 50% of Europe’s population will be infected with omicron in the next 2 months, WHO says

12 Jan: Texas mom accused of putting son in car trunk to avoid catching Covid is praised as ‘best teacher ever’

12 Jan: Quebec to impose “health contribution” tax on those who refuse COVID vaccines for non-medical reasons

12 Jan: Covid-19: US cases and hospital admissions climb to record levels as Biden promises more tests

13 Jan: Blinken: US still unsure who is behind Havana Syndrome cases

14 Jan: Is Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? And other questions

17 Jan: Russia-Ukraine crisis: Why Brussels fears Europe is ‘closest to war’ in decades

18 Jan: COVID-19: WHO expresses hope worst of Omicron wave is over

19 Jan: Now that science has defanged Covid, it’s time to get on with our lives

20 Jan: CIA finds most Havana syndrome cases not caused by foreign power

20 Jan: An estimated 1.2 million people died in 2019 from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections

21 Jan: Sweden drones: Sightings reported over nuclear plants and palace

21 Jan: Two years since Covid was first confirmed in U.S., the pandemic is worse than anyone imagined

26 Jan: To say only 17,000 people have died from COVID-19 is highly misleading

27 Jan: How Russia Has Increased Its Military Build-up Around Ukraine

28 Jan: Russian attack on Ukraine would bring ‘significant’ casualties, Gen. Milley says

28 Jan: China and US in race to salvage ‘flying computer’ fighter jet

29 Jan: Kansas woman led female ISIS battalion in Syria, prosecutors say

30 Jan: North Korea test-fires most powerful missile since 2017


03 Jan: COVID-19 Can Trigger Self-Attacking Antibodies

04 Jan: MRSA arose in hedgehogs long before antibiotic use

05 Jan: Pfizer and BioNTech Sign New Global Collaboration Agreement to Develop First mRNA-based Shingles Vaccine

05 Jan: Moderna Announces First Participant Dosed in Phase 1 Study of its mRNA Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Vaccine

09 Jan: How rapid tests changed the pandemic

10 Jan: Common cold may give some protection against Covid-19, study suggests

11 Jan: Oregon State University research suggests possibility of mRNA vaccine to prevent skin cancer

12 Jan: Stalled Alzheimer’s drug may find new purpose against superbugs

13 Jan: What endemic means – and why Covid-19 is nowhere near it yet

18 Jan: Placebo Effect Accounts for More Than Two-Thirds of COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Researchers Find

18 Jan: What causes long COVID symptoms? Clues from under the microscope

18 Jan: Cerebrospinal Fluid Offers Clues to Post-COVID ‘Brain Fog’

19 Jan: Attention and memory deficits persist for months after recovery from mild Covid

19 Jan: “Living” water filter outperforms its commercial equivalent

19 Jan: New whole-virus COVID vaccine may be effective against Omicron

20 Jan: Predicting Long COVID at initial point of COVID-19 diagnosis

21 Jan: First US booster data shows 3rd dose crucial against Omicron

25 Jan: Thousands needed to try a new Covid antiviral treatment

26 Jan: Moderna starts trial for Omicron-specific booster shot

26 Jan: Pfizer starts clinical trial for omicron-specific Covid vaccine