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IET: Device that sees through lead could stop nuclear smuggling

At CBRN Europe, we are always on the look out for leading technology and innovation. Over at IET, they have put up an article about a new device that can see through lead. Read more below and head over the IET website for more information.

The technique, developed by a team of American researchers, has so far only been tested in laboratory conditions, but the team believes it could be used to efficiently scan cargo containers to prevent the dangerous materials from getting into the hands of terrorists. “Once heavy shielding is placed around weapons-grade uranium or plutonium, detecting them passively using radiation detectors surrounding a 40-foot cargo container is very difficult,” said Anna Erickson, an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Device that sees through lead could stop nuclear smuggling – E & T Magazine A novel technique that can detect weapons-grade nuclear material through layers of heavy metal shielding could help stop smugglers in future.


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