February 2022 – News Round Up

Ukraine News:

06 Feb: Russian forces at 70% of level needed for full Ukraine invasion, U.S. officials say

10 Feb: Russia holds drills in Belarus as West warns of ‘dangerous moment’

12 Feb: Kyiv stresses calm even as U.S. warns Russian invasion could be imminent

16 Feb: Western Officials Dispute Russian Claim of Pullback From Ukraine Border

17 Feb: Ukraine: Satellite images show Russian military activity

20 Feb: US, Russia Go Toe-to-Toe in Information War Over Ukraine

21 Feb: Putin orders Russian forces to Ukraine rebel regions

23 Feb: Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin address fact-checked

24 Feb: Al Jazeera: Mapping Russian attacks across Ukraine

25 Feb: What does Putin want in Ukraine? The conflict explained

25 Feb: Garrison Of Ukrainian Soldiers Killed After Refusing Russian Demands To Surrender

25 Feb: Military nuclear experts explain the actual danger of troops battling in the shadow of Chernobyl

25 Feb: Russia limiting access to Facebook over fact-checking row

26 Feb: Putin thinks he’s the hero of Russia’s story. He couldn’t be more wrong


27 Feb: Russia hits Ukrainian oil and gas facilities in wave of attacks

27 Feb: Reuters: Mapping Russia invasion of Ukraine

27 Feb: BBC: Ukraine maps: Tracking Russia’s invasion

27 Feb: Ukraine invasion: Russian President Vladimir Putin orders military command to put nuclear deterrent forces on high alert

28 Feb: Ukraine conflict: Putin’s nuclear alert a distraction attempt, UK says

28 Feb: Ukraine invasion: Would Putin press the nuclear button?



30 Jan: North Korea test-fires most powerful missile since 2017

01 Feb: The myth of a ‘super-charged’ immune system

03 Feb: Novavax COVID-19 vaccine Nuvaxovid approved by MHRA

03 Feb: Directed energy may cause mysterious ‘Havana syndrome’: US panel

06 Feb: AstraZeneca vaccine: Did nationalism spoil UK’s ‘gift to the world’?

07 Feb: North Korea funding its missile programme with stolen cryptocurrency, UN investigators say

07 Feb: Project to dismantle ex-Royal Navy nuclear submarines inches forward

08 Feb: New bird flu outbreak confirmed in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire

10 Feb: ‘Very brave or very stupid’: Scientists’ warning over early ending of Covid rules in England

10 Feb: Bomb squad surround street as man arrested over ‘chemicals inside property’

11 Feb: Lassa fever cases identified in England, following travel to West Africa

11 Feb: British and Norwegian nationals urged to leave Ukraine immediately

11 Feb: Person diagnosed with Lassa fever dies in Bedfordshire

13 Feb: US warns of ‘crippling’ sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

15 Feb: Ballymena man had so many weapons police used his driveway as temporary storage

16 Feb: Eco-terrorist jailed after planting homemade explosive device in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens

16 Feb: BioNTech to ship mRNA vaccine factory kits to Africa

18 Feb: Wife of Maryland Navy Nuclear Engineer Pleads Guilty in Submarine Spy Case

18 Feb: Hong Kong’s health-care system is under ‘enormous stress,’ says medical expert

21 Feb: WHO: Lassa Fever – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

21 Feb: UK Gov: Extra Covid booster in spring for over-75s and high risk

26 Feb: The mystery of Anthrax Island and the seeds of death

27 Feb: Three men arrested after ‘suspicious chemicals’ found at Wigan house

27 Feb: Covid: Five things we still need to keep an eye on



31 Jan: Making RNA vaccines easier to swallow

31 Jan: What is the Omicron BA.2 variant and is it more dangerous?

02 Feb: COVID-19 human challenge study reveals detailed insights into infection

02 Feb: Quick COVID breathalyzer could allow mass screening in public places

04 Feb: Intranasal Flu Vaccine with Nanoparticles Offers Robust Protection, Researchers Find

09 Feb: Engineers create spiky materials inspired by insects that could pop bacteria

11 Feb: Exercise post-vaccine bumps up antibodies, new study finds

11 Feb: New Omicron-targeting antibody therapy for COVID authorized by FDA

14 Feb: Global study finds the extent of pharmaceutical pollution in the world’s rivers

15 Feb: Oestrogen levels linked to risk of COVID-19 death in older women

15 Feb: UKHSA review shows vaccinated less likely to have long COVID than unvaccinated

15 Feb: University of Toledo Study Strengthens Case That Vitamins Cannot Treat COVID-19

16 Feb: Covid: How new drugs are finally taming the virus

16 Feb: COVID-19 survivors face increased mental health risks up to a year later

17 Feb: New Hand-held DNA computer assesses water quality

18 Feb: Moderna announces 3 new mRNA vaccine targets including herpes and cancer

22 Feb: New Method Can Disarm Antibiotic Resistance in Deadly Bacteria

22 Feb: New research aims to end the refrigeration of vaccines

23 Feb: How do we know the COVID vaccine won’t have long-term side-effects?

24 Feb: Antibacterial bioactive glass doubles down on microbial resistance to antibiotics