February 2021 News Round Up

22 Jan: Asad Bhatti: Man in court accused of possessing explosives and documents referencing jihad

22 Jan: Coronavirus vaccine delays halt Pfizer jabs in parts of Europe

22 Jan: Coronavirus: UK variant ‘may be more deadly’

22 Jan: China Marks the Wuhan Lockdown Anniversary Amid Spiraling COVID-19 Cases and With Risky Holiday Travel Looming

22 Jan: It Could Have Been So Much Worse – Tech Commentary

23 Jan: COVID-19: Officials resist calls to halve the gap between Pfizer vaccine doses, as senior doctors urge

23 Jan: SARS-CoV-2 spillover events

24 Jan: Covid: Vaccinated people may spread virus, says Van-Tam

24 Jan: UK has 77 cases of South African COVID variant, 9 of Brazilian, minister says

25 Jan: French court hears Agent Orange case against chemical firms

25 Jan: Covid-19: Top adviser warns France at ’emergency’ virus moment

26 Jan: Covid-19: Five days that shaped the outbreak

27 Jan: Covid-19: ‘Legacy of poor decisions’ has led to 100,000 Covid deaths, says Prof Linda Bauld

28 Jan: Covid: Arrest over suspicious package at vaccine plant

29 Jan: Covid in the UK: how first cases exposed flaws in response

02 Feb: UK virus variant has developed concerning new mutation in small number of cases

02 Feb: Tanzania minister: No interest in procuring COVID -19 vaccines

03 Feb: US and Russia extend nuclear arms control treaty to 202609 Feb: Unlikely that Covid came from Wuhan lab, WHO says

09 Feb: Covid: WHO backs Oxford vaccine ‘even if variants present’

11 Feb: WHO backs AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for over 65s and with variants

11 Feb: Kent coronavirus variant set to ‘sweep world’, says UK scientist

13 Feb: 14,000 game birds culled in Leven after second bird flu outbreak

13 Feb: Covid-19 pandemic: China ‘refused to give data’ to WHO team

14 Feb: Fukushima: Powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake jolts Tohoku area

14 Feb: Guinea declares Ebola epidemic: First deaths since 2016

18 Feb: Gulf War syndrome ‘not caused by depleted uranium’

20 Feb: Russia Just Alerted The WHO to The World’s First Case of H5N8 Avian Flu in Humans

22 Feb: Mask force: London’s five centuries of face coverings

24 Feb: Covax vaccine-sharing scheme delivers first doses to Ghana

27 Feb: Covid map: Coronavirus cases, deaths, vaccinations by country


18 Jan: Oxford research tackles threat of antibiotic resistance

21 Jan: Wrinkled graphene sheets offer a shortcut for water purification

28 Jan: New Covid saliva test can detect coronavirus even in people without symptoms

28 Jan: Immune System Sets ‘Tripwire’ to Protect against Viruses02 Feb: Covid vaccine update: Those that work – and the others on the way

03 Feb: Oxford vaccine could substantially cut spread

03 Feb: Covid: Antibodies last at least six months in most

04 Feb: World-first COVID-19 alternating dose vaccine study launches in UK

04 Feb: Here’s what we know so far about the after effects of the Pfizer COVID vaccine

08 Feb: Covid: Scientists developing vaccine boosters to tackle variants

10 Feb: ‘Handy pen’ lights up when exposed to nerve gas or spoiled food vapours

16 Feb: Covid vaccine impact revealed in over-80s blood tests

17 Feb: Covid-19: World’s first human challenge trials to start in UK

19 Feb: Magnetic attraction: breakthrough test for malaria

21 Feb: Pfizer reduces ultra-cold requirements for its COVID-19 vaccine

23 Feb: Coronavirus vaccine trials: what’s the progress with future vaccines?

24 Feb: NIH study finds that people with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies may have a low risk of future infection

25 Feb: Three-shot combo? Pfizer, BioNTech roll COVID-19 booster trial as real-world data back first vaccine

26 Feb: Covid-19: F.D.A. Panel Gives Green Light to Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine