Tracer Co™ PED+

As you all aware we at CBRN Europe won’t place equipment upon its website without at least having looked at it first.  So we asked Tracerco if we could have a sample PED+ to carry out a limited field trial.  Tracerco enthusiastically responded and dispatched the PED+ post haste.

 Dosimeter Mode

 In general the PED+ does everything the PED-IS (orange intrinsically safe version) does to the same high standard you’ve come expect.

The difference is the PED+ has Bluetooth, GPS and now it has dual usage because it can be used as a survey meter.


 Survey Mode

 As I said earlier we carried out a limited trial because we didn’t have a radioactive source available to trial the PEDs prime function.

What we did do was to test the PED equipment training program, battery life/ charging and GPS capability.

Battery Life.

The battery life was tested with the screen saver activated and again without the screen saver activated.  We found that the battery life is consistent with the life expectancies stated.


We charged the PED+ using a PC and the mains supply charger but not the car charger as we didn’t have one supplied.  We found that the charging was well within the parameters stated by Tracerco.

GPS System

The GPS worked well and we chose Google maps to display the locations on our excursion.

It was very easy to set up and use.



We approached the training from two directions.  Firstly we used the Tracerco training PowerPoint presentation to teach ourselves the ins and outs of the PED+.  The presentation was easy to follow but also contains training information on the other PEDs in the production range.  As the PED-IS, PED Blue and PED+ are similar in operation this doesn’t really effect the package greatly.

The second approach we took was to give the PED+ to a person who had no previous experience of the instrument.  We switched it on and left the guinea pig with it for about an hour.  By the time we returned the subject was quite ofay with The PED+.

All this goes to prove that the PED+ is simple to use and maintain. Although the trial wasn’t an extensive one, we at CBRN Europe are extremely happy with the results.

If you would like to find out more information about the Tracerco PED+ please visit their at