Tracer Co™ Personal Electronic Dosimeter

CBRN Equipment: Tracer Co™ Personal Electronic Dosimeter

Having seen and handled this equipment I can say that I like it a great deal. The Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED) T404 is an easy to use dosimeter for people/technicians who are not specifically trained to measure radiation exposure.  It’s constructed in a lightweight rugged plastic and is safe to use in potentially explosive conditions whilst measuring radiation (Intrinsically Safe).

Tracer Co
Tracer Co™ Personal Electronic Dosimeter

The PED T404 has many benefits for the user and we’ve listed them below:

  1. Because the PED is intrinsically safe there is no need for a hot work permit.
  2. This Dosimeter has on of the largest memories on the market to date, this of course means it reduces the risk of radiation exposure data being overwritten when the memory becomes full.
  3. The PED T404 is very easy to read with a large AMOLED display screen.
  4. The screen icons and one touch operation of the dosimeter means it’s simple to use and there is no requirement to continually look at the user.
  5.  This dosimeter is very versatile as it has the ability to take readings in 3 measurement mode and 4 alarm settings. The PED T404 can also be worn in several ways as the screen can be flipped.

Finally the PEDT404 can be used in all weather conditions.

The Dosimeter has a range of accessories:

  • Portable dock for data transfer and charging
  • In car charger
  • Desktop dock for data transfer and charging
  • Carrying pouch
  • A lanyard for wearing the Tracer Co™ PED T404
  • A tough transportation case
  • Free software updates

If you would to know more about the Tracer Co™ PED T404 then don’t hesitate to contact CBRN Europe via the contact us page on the website or visit the Tracer Co website here