Avon Protection C50

CBRN Equipment: Avon Protection C50

Avon Protection C50

The Avon C50 is without doubt one of the best respirators on the market today.  It boasts clear vision, good communications, excellent wearer comfort to the wearer and is easily adaptable to various situations.  Three sizes are available and they provide a secure and comfortable fit for facial shapes and remain comfortable for extended periods of use.

The visor is made of polyurethane and is very flexible.  One of the wearer benefits is distortion free vision across the entire field of view; this of course gives for better weapon sighting if required. The C50 comes with a host of visor filters (outserts) for eye protection against intense light and laser penetration scenarios.  Prescription lenses can be mounted inside the face piece.

BlueBlocker OutsertLaser OutsertSunlight OutsertClear Outsert

The C50 also has very good communications through the front mounted exhale valve.  If you wish to enhance your communications there is the optional Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with internal microphone it’s easily connected through the Electronic Communications Port (ECP) with the ability to connect external communications systems as well.

The Avon C50 has a low resistance to breathing.  CO² build up concentrations are low, coupled with minimal  heat build up and anti fogging go to make this respirator first class.

Filters can mounted on either side of the C50 to enable flexible and easy manoeuvrability of weapons and shoulder mounted devices.

For further information on this respirator and more, please contact CBRN Europe on the contact us page.