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Absorbent Bags

CBRN Equipment: Absorbent Bags

These absorbent bags are truly remarkable.  The absorbent filling of the bag allows any fresh water based fluid to be absorbed at a colossal rate.  They will also absorb blood, urine and bleached water for decontamination.  The outer bag is effectively a “one-way valve”, which allows fluid in but will not leak out, even under pressure, so no dripping or leaking sandbags to remove from site!  The bags or booms are made up to 7.25 metres long and have real advantages over current methods.

Absorbent Bags
Absorbent Bags

These advantages are:

  • LIGHT – One 60 x 30 cm “Sandbag” size bag weighs less than half a kilogram.
  • MASSIVELY ABSORBENT – That same bag will absorb 16 litres of contaminated fluid.
  • VARIETY – Many sizes available, for any application.
  • LOGISTICS FRIENDLY – The bags come packed in plastic bags and are easily stored till needed.
  • DEPLOYABLE – Instantly deployed, no filling sand bags.
  • LOCKED IN – Fluids are locked into the bag, even under pressure.
  • REMOVABLE – No dripping bags, with a dry outer skin reduces the risk of mishandling in gloves.


Part Nº

Nick Name

Size (cm)

Bags per Pack

Packs per Carton

Absorption Capacity (L)

Weight When Full (kg)

AB100 Sample Size 10×10 60 12 0.4 0.4
AB300 For Leaks 30×30 20 5 8.0 8.0
PLUMBAG For Plumbers 30×30 10 10 4.0 4.0
AB600 Our Sandbags 60×30 10 5 16.0 16.0
AB1000 Single Door Size 100×20 5 8 17.0 17.0
AB1800 Double Door Size 180×20 5 5 30.0 30.0
B725 Boom Size 7250×100 2 4 29.0 29.0
Stacka 10 Stacker Bags 100×35 2 (1pair) 15 22.0 22.0

If you would to know more about the Absorbent Bags then don’t hesitate to contact CBRN Europe via the contact us page on the website.