Delayed March 2017 News Round Up

Our readers have requested for us to put up the news round up related to CBRN news from March 2017 since we where unable to do this due to on-going projects. At CBRN Europe, we would like to apologies for the delay in bringing this to you and wish you a good read of these articles.


Assassins may have made a binary weapon of Kim Jong-nam’s faceThere has been a twist in the mystery of how the super-deadly nerve gas VX turned up on a man murdered at Kuala Lumpur airport last week, without the collateral damage that would normally be expected with such a deadly chemical. The attackers seem to have made a binary chemical weapon out of Kim Jong-nam’s face.
Forget nuclear: Chemical weapons are the real weapons of mass destruction threat | Global Risk Insights Chemical weapons are the most widely available weapons of mass destruction and perhaps the least challenging sort to pursue.
How economics killed the antibiotic dream On a ramshackle pig farm near Wuxi, in Jiangsu province, China, a foreigner gets out of a taxi. The family are surprised. Their little farm is at the end of a bumpy track through rice paddies, and they do not get many foreigners asking to use the toilet.
Classified US nuclear test films saved for posterity About 10,000 reels of film recording the 210 above-ground US nuclear tests are the focus of a project at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) that has spent the past five years transferring the decomposing images to digital format.
Seoul says North Korea carried out missile tests | North Korea News | Al Jazeera Three of four ballistic missiles landed in waters as close as 300km to Japan’s northwest coast, Shinzo Abe says.
How chlorine gas became a weapon in Syria’s civil war | Syria | Al Jazeera Syria’s chlorine problem: the human toll of chlorine attacks in six years of civil war.
US and China are likely to lock horns over North Korea’s nuclear threat: Analyst Unnerved by North Korea’s military threat, the U.S. and China are likely to clash as they search for a solution in how to deal with Pyongyang; analyst.
North Korea vows to pursue nuclear arms amid US threat | USA News | Al Jazeera Pyongyang envoy to UN warns his country is developing ‘pre-emptive strike capabilities with nuclear forces’.
North Korea ‘fails’ in new missile test: South | North Korea News | Al Jazeera South Korean and US officials say they have detected a failed missile launch attempt by North Korea.
Kim Jong-nam assassination: Conspiracy theory suggests China allowed North Korea to kill him MYSTERY surrounds the death of Kim Jong-nam after he was poisoned in a Cold War-style assassination last month, but an intriguing conspiracy theory has thickened the plot even further.
Westminster attack: Car-and-knife rampage kills four | UK News | Al Jazeera Scenes of carnage on Westminster Bridge near London parliament after car-and-knife attack PM calls ‘sick and depraved’.


WHO releases first-ever hit-list for antibiotic-resistant bacteria Last year, the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the British government warned about the dangers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This week, the World Health Organization became the latest institution to join in this increasingly ominous chorus.
How E. coli switches from “attack” mode to “colonize” mode There’s a delicate ecosystem in your gut right now, but a bad burrito can throw it off. Just how pathogens like E. coli take hold isn’t well understood, but researchers have studied how it senses its surroundings and in response, switches its gene expression from “attack mode” to “colonize mode.”
New nanogel neutralizes deadly snake venom Current snake antivenom might not be saving lives as efficiently as it could, given that they’re difficult and expensive to produce, distribute and administer. Now, researchers have developed a synthetic alternative with a long shelf-life that can neutralize venom from several species of snakes.
Drug tag team clobbers antibiotic-resistant bacteria Bacteria have had almost 100 years to become impervious to penicillin antibiotics, so finding news ways to take them down is getting critical. Now researchers have found what all good combat specialists have long known – getting each other’s back in a fight can be a winning strategy.​
The truth about Satan: Nuclear war in the 21st century Last October the world’s news services were abuzz about Russia’s new super weapon, an ICBM called Satan 2. But do these claims hold water, and just how big is the nuclear threat that the world really faces in the 21st century?
Wood could clean up in the world of water purification ​​Oftentimes, the places that require water purification the most – such as developing nations or disaster sites – have the least in the way of infrastructure. Help could be on the way, however, in the form of water filters made from wood.​
Low-cost smartphone device seeks out Zika Despite not getting the headlines it did last year, Zika remains an ongoing issue that needs addressing. A team from Sandia National Laboratories has developed a low-cost, portable device for quickly detecting Zika and similar viruses in a sample, driven by a smartphone app.

Threat Analysis

Terror Threat Snapshot – March 2017 Each month, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security releases a report entitled “Terror Threat Snapshot,” which it describes as “a monthly assessment of the Committee’s continuing effort to highlight the growing threat America, the West, and the world face from ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.”

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