December 2021 – News Round Up


01 Dec: Northern Territory police arrest three Howard Springs quarantine escapees

01 Dec: Greece imposes monthly fines of 100 euros on the over-60s who refuse a Covid vaccine

01 Dec: Man who damaged vaccine centre jailed

01 Dec: Four injured after WWII bomb explodes in Munich, disrupts trains

02 Dec: Omicron is supercharging the COVID vaccine booster debate

02 Dec: Second monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 approved in the UK

03 Dec: Omicron: Don’t panic but prepare for likely spread, says WHO

03 Dec: How real is the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine?

04 Dec: Two hippos in Belgian zoo test positive for COVID-19

05 Dec: Asad Bhatti: Redhill financial analyst had explosives, jury told

08 Dec: Bird flu at ‘phenomenal’ level in UK, chief vet warns

08 Dec: FDA authorizes AstraZeneca’s preventative COVID-19 antibody treatment

09 Dec: Russian invasion of Ukraine would be like World War Two, warns defence chief

10 Dec: Covid-19 news: UK will see large wave of omicron, scientist says

10 Dec: Moderna asks investors to wait for full data on flu vaccine amid selloff

12 Dec UK coronavirus (COVID-19) alert level increased from Level 3 to Level 4

12 Dec: Omicron is sneaky. It could be fatal for us – or for our faith in government

14 Dec: St Austell man arrested after ‘explosive device’ was located in a car at St Dennis

14 Dec: COVID: Omicron variant spreading at unprecedented rate, says WHO

17 Dec: Covid: First UK patients given take-at-home pill Molnupiravir

17Dec: Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive

17 Dec: More than 100 Marines discharged for refusing Covid vaccine as troops across services face discipline

17 Dec: Modelling suggests rapid spread of Omicron in England but same severity as Delta

20 Dec: Christmas travel will spread Omicron and it is already poised to become dominant in US, Fauci says

20 Dec: What is Russia’s Vladimir Putin planning?

20 Dec: Omicron is now the dominant strain of coronavirus in the US, according to the CDC

21 Dec: Bird-flu: UK chief vet issues plea amid surge in HN51 cases

22 Dec: Israel to offer fourth dose of COVID vaccines as Omicron surges

24 Dec: Omicron’s cold-like symptoms mean UK guidance ‘needs urgent update’

24 Dec: Belgium agrees to close ageing nuclear reactors

26 Dec: COVID-19: Hundreds in Australia mistakenly told coronavirus test result was negative when they were positive

27 Dec: CDC Updates and Shortens Recommended Isolation and Quarantine Period for General Population

31 Dec: Oral COVID-19 antiviral, Paxlovid, approved by UK regulator



01 Dec: Visualising SARS-CoV-2 transmission routes and mitigations

01 Dec: New data affirms 3rd COVID vaccine dose significantly boosts protection

01 Dec: Moderna edges out Pfizer vaccine in head-to-head comparison

02 Dec: Scientists say they may have found the way AstraZeneca’s vaccine can cause rare blood clots

02 Dec: Novavax could have an Omicron-specific COVID vaccine ready by January

02 Dec: US begins production of its latest air-dropped nuclear munition

02 Dec: Covid-19: FDA expert panel recommends authorising molnupiravir but also voices concerns

03 Dec: COVID-19 reinfection study from South Africa yields ominous data about Omicron

06 Dec: Covid: How vaccines changed the course of the pandemic

08 Dec: Lab study shows vaccine booster vital for preventing Omicron infection

10 Dec: Comparing the COVID-19 Vaccines: How Are They Different?

10 Dec: Nasal vaccine may aid fight against new viral variants

13 Dec: Two vaccine doses won’t protect from Omicron infection, Oxford study finds

13 Dec: New resistance-busting antibiotic combination could extend the use of ‘last-resort’ antibiotics

13 Dec: New copper surface eliminates bacteria in just two minutes

14 Dec: Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral pill 89% effective against hospitalization

15 Dec: Researchers first to predict when bacteria may become resistant to antibiotics

17 Dec: Boosters vital to mitigate impact of Omicron, but may lose some effectiveness

20 Dec: Covid: Vulnerable NHS patients to be offered new drug

20 Dec: Anthrax toxin may be the key to new pain-blocking therapies

20 Dec: Traditional medicinal plant relieves malaria symptoms

21 Dec: Omicron: South African scientists probe link between variants and untreated HIV

22 Dec: Australia tests blood thinner spray against Covid

22 Dec: FDA Authorizes First Oral Antiviral for Treatment of COVID-19

29 Dec: Explained: Two new vaccines, an oral pill against Covid-19, and how they work