August News Round Up

Here at CBRN Europe, we feel that we should keep you updated in the latest on-goings in the CBRN field or relevant technological advances that effect our sector.

Modular Oasis system brings versatility to water filtration The all-new Oasis water treatment system brings your filter of choice to your drinking vessel of choice. Filter out harmful bacteria and viruses or just bad taste from inside a water bottle, hydration pack and more.


Synthetic material mimics coral’s ocean-cleaning attributes Researchers from China’s Anhui Jianzhu University have developed a synthetic substance that mimics coral’s ability to collect harmful heavy metals from water. Tests on the effectiveness of the aluminum oxide structure have so far shown promising results.


Ebola vaccine shown to be 100 percent effective in field trials There is a glimmer of hope in the fight against Ebola with the World Health Organization (WHO) announcing that in trials, a vaccine called VSV-EBOV has proven to be 100 percent effective in protecting individuals against the virus.


Silk-based functional inks put biosensor data on your fingertips Researchers at Tufts University have now developed silk-based inks containing bacteria-sensing agents that can withstand the rigors of inkjet printing, opening the door much wider for printing biomolecules.


Myexposome wristband detects personal exposure to chemicals Most of us still have no idea what chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. A bracelet called MyExposome is designed to answer that question by helping determine which chemicals we come into contact with.


GE atomic swimmer robot keeps tabs on nuclear reactors In an effort to make such inspections safer, cheaper, and faster, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has developed the Stinger; a free-swimming, remote-controlled robot that replaces humans for cleaning and inspecting reactor vessels.


Metal foams could provide lightweight radiation shielding A North Carolina State University team is developing a new lightweight shielding based on foam metals that can block X-rays, gamma rays, and neutron radiation, as well as withstanding high-energy impact collisions.