April 2022 – News Round Up

Ukraine News:

01 Apr: China accused of cyber-attacks on Ukraine before Russian invasion

01 Apr: Australia to send armoured vehicles to Ukraine after request

01 Apr: Western spy agencies weaponize intelligence in attempt to undermine Putin

05 Apr: Ukraine war: Satellite images appear to contradict Russian denials over Bucha atrocities

06 Apr: Why Tracking Putin’s Wealth Is So Difficult

08 Apr: Russia admits ‘significant losses of troops’ in Ukraine

09 Apr: Inside Chernobyl: We stole Russian fuel to prevent catastrophe

09 Apr: Ukraine, the UN and history’s greatest broken promise

10 ~Apr: Chernihiv: Are these Russia’s weapons of war?

11 Apr: Pentagon monitoring reports of possible Russian chemical weapons attack in Mariupol

13 Apr: A Visual Guide to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

13 Apr: Collecting Bodies in Bucha

13 Apr: What is genocide, and is Russia committing it in Ukraine?

14 Apr: Donbas: Why Russia is trying to encircle Ukraine’s east

14 Apr: Russia warns of nuclear, hypersonic deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO

14 Apr: The evidence for Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Ukraine

14 Apr: As Russia continues to bomb Ukraine, are its weapons of choice getting worse?

14 Apr: Ingenious ruse that blew apart Russia’s flagship

14 Apr: Why Putin may be aiming to declare victory over Ukraine on May 9 — and why that’s probably a mistake

15 Apr: What is the significance of Russia’s Moskva warship sinking?

15 Apr: Russia warns U.S. against further arming Ukraine

17 Apr: Sunken Russian warship Moskva: What do we know?

18 Apr: First Video Of Russian Warship Moskva Sinking Emerges Online

21 Apr: Putin warns foreign powers against crossing Russia’s ‘red lines’

28 Apr: What weapons has the US given Ukraine

29 Apr: What is a ‘tactical’ nuke, and would Putin use one?

30 Apr: Ukraine: From breadbasket to breadcrumbs

30 Apr: Ukraine – the narrative the West doesn’t hear



04 Apr: Four arrests as police investigate homemade explosives

04 Apr: FDA pulls COVID antibody therapy as BA.2 variant becomes dominant in US

05 Apr: Shanghai Covid lockdown extended to entire city

08 Apr: Covid lab blunder ‘could have caused 1,000 deaths’

08 Apr: Canary Wharf: 900 evacuated from building after ‘chemical incident’ at health club

11 Apr: Police confirm what they found at Leicester address after ‘chemical substance’ discovery

12 Apr: UK health agency investigating surge in hepatitis cases in children

12 Apr: A small mutation can make Zika virus even more dangerous

14 Apr: Covid-19: UK approves Valneva vaccine for adults under 50

14 Apr: Three more outbreaks of bird flu confirmed in Devon

14 Apr: Police foil extremist plot to kidnap Germany’s health minister

16 Apr: China’s Covid death data obscure true impact of Omicron, experts say

17 Apr: Covid adviser was left shaken after being sent white powder and used mask

17 Apr: North Korea says it tested new weapons system to improve ‘tactical nukes’

18 Apr: World hits 500 million official COVID cases but real tally likely billions

18 Apr: Man held on attempted murder after police threatened at Horse Guards

20 Apr: Omicron infection just 20 days after Delta – the shortest known gap between infections

20 Apr: One in four Covid patients in ICU because of virus

21 Apr: Longest known COVID-19 infection – 505 days – described by UK researchers

23 Apr: Child hepatitis surge ‘linked to common cold virus’ as UK reports 108 cases

23 Apr: Multi-Country – Acute, severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children

27 Apr: Kim Jong-un vows to step up development of North Korea’s nuclear program

29 Apr: CDC reports COVID-19 was 3rd leading cause of death in 2021

29 Apr: Chaos as American family brings unexploded shell to Israel airport

29 Apr: Investors lose vote to share Covid vaccine know-how



29 Mar: Lockheed Martin Demonstrates New Layered Missile Defence Integration For U.S. Army

01 Apr: Tulane study shows COVID-19’s lingering impacts on the brain

05 Apr: Hypersonic missiles: UK, US, and Australia to boost defence co-operation

05 Apr: DARPA, AFRL, Lockheed Martin And Aerojet Rocketdyne Team Successfully Demonstrate HAWC, Hypersonic Air-Breathing Weapon Concept

06 Apr: First Light achieves world first fusion result, proving unique new target technology

06 Apr: Royal Nay tests heavy-lift drones to supply aircraft carriers

07 Apr: Increased risk of blood clots persists long after COVID-19

12 Apr: Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean water

12 Apr: Two new drugs to fight superbugs could soon be available on NHS

13 Apr: Vaccination greatly reduces infectious viral load in COVID-19

13 Apr: US Navy shoots down drone using all-electric laser for the first time

13 Apr: SARS-CoV-2 viral fragments found in faeces 7 months after mild COVID-19

14 Apr: First COVID-19 breath test authorized for use in United States

15 Apr: Generation IV, the future of nuclear power

19 Apr: Electrified ePatch bandage speeds healing and kills harmful bacteria

20 Apr: U.S. Army Selects SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons System

23 Apr: Most hospitalized COVID patients still recovering a year after discharge

28 Apr: From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button