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Meet the Team

We are privileged to have a team of dedicated and hard-working staff who will always go the extra distance. Many of our staff have a broad range of qualifications so they are often popping up in different places working with a range of groups.

Brief History on CBRN Europe

Following on from his time as Trials Officer at the Defence CBRN Centre Winterbourne Gunner, Ken identified a need for CBRN training for companies and individuals outside the military environment. As a result he founded CBRN Europe in 2010.

One of his early roles for CBRN Europe was the task of acting as a Radiation Safety Supervisor to international news teams reporting on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station disaster in Japan. Daily background radiation monitoring was undertaken amongst various other tasks.

Having worked with Ken since 2003, Marc was formally brought on board in 2013, where his skills as a current Defence Instructor were used to evaluate and update its CBRN training package for the Lifesigns group.

CBRN Europe has made use of its contacts in the CBRN world to become a group of consultants, able to take on training on behalf of manufacturers of CBRN equipment and civilian organisations working in environments with a CBRN threat.

Meet the CBRN Europe Team

Ken Russell Marc Crowhurst
Ken Russell, TD Marc Crowhurst
CBRN Europe Founder CBRN Europe Founder
Ken has over 30 years of experience in CBRN theatre across the world including places such as Japan and Afghanistan. Marc has extensive knowledge and experience in the CBRN area and is Head of Training Output and Development.
Dr. Andrew Foxon Bob Cooper
Dr. Andrew Foxon Bob Cooper
Reseacher Instructor
Andrew has been involved with CBRN matters for over 20 years in research, assessment and delivery of training. His specialist areas are in CBRN PPE & RPE in its development, capabilities, fitting and testing. Bob has joined CBRN Europe as one of our experienced training consultants. He has delivered training courses not just in CBRN but across IT, HR and Health and Safety sectors.

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